Welcome to Unique Fantasy League.

Compete against your friends with over-bidding them on transfer market, buy players directly from competitors and set the lineup which will win you most points.
Choose between top football divisions in England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovenia and Croatia. And we have more countries coming in soon.
Don't forget to read the league yellow newspaper. Might gives you some info which manager is planing the next move and you don't need to go to a local pub to get the details.

Register now to create your own Unique Fantasy Laague (UFL) and invite your friends to join you. As Chairman of the league you will set up rules and points settings.
Want to have goal valued with 5 point and a clean sheet just 1 point? Or do you prefer to put more value on defensive performances and give more points also for achieved cleen sheet.
Achiving points with assists and appearances is also posible, but yellow/red cards and goals conceded can give you minus points.
Want kind of budget do you want to start with? Are you a local club with 2M or an Oil taycoon with 250M? All settings are in your hands.

Join us now, and be a winner of your own Unique Fantasy League. It's free - but it might cost you some of your time :).

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