Unique Fantasy League is unique. Unique in a way that every single group of players can set their own rules for playing the game. Unique Fantasy League has a default setup which is suggested to users who don't have much experience in playing fantasy games, but for more experienced users this is a perfect solution to get your own rules in.

UFL: Unique Fantasy League;
Competition: one of the real life football competitions (Premier league, Bundesliga, Serie A...)
Club: football club playing in a competition;
Player: football player in a club;
Manager: person playing UFL (user of web portal);
League: group of managers playing together on one fantasy simulation of competition
Chairman: leader of managers in the league, creator of the league;
UFL team: group of players based on managers purchases;
Bubek ():  UFL currency;

You can set your own scoring rules. Based on your selection players will score points. The following categories are available:

  • Points gained for goal of forward or midfielder;
  • Points gained for goal of defender or goalkeeper;
  • Points gained for assist;
  • Points deducted for conceded goal (for defenders and goalkeepers only);
  • Points gained for saved penalty;
  • Points deducted for penalty missed;
  • Points deducted for received yellow card;
  • Points deducted for received second yellow card;
  • Points deducted for received direct red card;
  • Points gained for appearance of at least 60 min;
  • Points gained for appearance of at least 30 min (and less than 60min);
  • Points gained for team cleansheet (if played at least 60min);

Default settings are applied when you create a league, and after that you can change them to your own needs. Please choose carefully, as you may set up points that could favourite one type of players. Changes of points system during the season is also possible, but note that change will also apply for already played rounds.

For scorer or other sensitive data we check data with independent web portal Penalty is considered missed if goal is not scored from the penalty kick (even if it is then immediately scored from a rebound). Penalty is considered saved if goalkeeper saved the goal (and not if penalty taker shot wide, bar or post). If a player receives a red card, he still gets points deduction for any additional goal team receives. He does not get extra points for cleansheet. When deduction for goal received is set to 0.5 per goal, player doesn't get any minus points if his team received 0 or 1 goal, gets 1 minus point if his team received 2 or 3 goals, gets 2 minus points if his team received 4 or 5 goals,... 

Players are sorted as goalkeepers (G), defenders (D), midfielders (M) and forwards (A). Players can only play in their position – midfielder cannot be positioned as forwards. The following formations are available in UFL: 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 5-3-2, 5-4-1. The main formation is 4-4-2 and that one must be one of the options of in the league. Others can be added or removed in League settings.

During transfers minimum number of players for each position will be checked and transfer can be blocked if it would lead to non-valid formations. Number of players in a team is set by league chairman (possible values are from 11 to 25), also number of players from same club is limited. Team is valid if it has enough players on each position to form at least one formation, it has at most maximum number of players from same club and number of players does not exceed maximum number of players in a team.

Lineup needs to be set up and saved before the lineup deadline ends (normaly 1h before first match of the round starts – set by league chairman). After that any changes you do in the lineup will not be considered. 11 players must be positioned on the pitch in one of the available formations. If auto substitutuon are enabled, you can gain extra points by your substitutes – a substitute player will be played if a player in your lineup will not play during the round, and formation stays vaild even if he is substituted by a player from the bench. If auto substitutions are disabled, only the points from eleven players in the lineup will be considerd, and points from substitutions will not be added to the team's total points.

Transfer budget is set by chairman before the league starts. Budget can increase after end of August and January, if set so by league chairman. You can gain additional bubeks () in your budget if you are manager of the month. Negative balance is not possible.

You can buy players from free market or directly from opponents. Number of transfer durring the season is not limited, but team to team transfer are blocked at the end of March.

  1. Buying a player from free market (=those players that are not owned by any team) is based on blind bids. You offer how much bubeks you want to pay for the player, and other managers do not know how much you offered. When transfer deadline passes, manager that offered most will get the player (subject of budget availability). If two players offered same amount of bubeks, the one that made the offer sooner will get the player. You can change the bid unlimited number of times before transfer deadline comes, but note that only your last bid will be considered for value of bubeks and for time of bid. If you team already has maximum number of players, you must include one of your players into the bid for new player. Purchase value of  included player will be added to your offer for bidding player. Team must stay valid after new player is bought and old one is sold – if you make a bid that team would not be valid, transfer will be denied.
  2. You can always propose a swap of players between your and opponent's team (team to team transfer). Only same number of players (and maximum 3 players per transfer) from each team can be swapped. One of the managers can additional pay extra money, to make the transfer more attractive to opponent. Transfer will be denied if at least one team would be invalid after the swap.
Transfer windows are set by league chairman and can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, just two times in a season (August,January) or none. For transfer window deadlines it is possible to choose a fixed time (for example Thursday at noon) or rolling deadline, set as certain number of hours before the first match of competition starts in the coming round.
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